Estoria Offices


Ideal Workspace

We provide everything one needs to have a great work environment. We believe that if people feel comfortable and satisfied that will make them more productive, inspired and successful. Estoria City open the road to a perfectly connected place for people and businesses.

Contemporary architecture

Well thought out spaces

Highest standards in construction, design and energetic efficiency

Green & relaxation spaces

Integrated project where everything is accessible


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Technical Amenities

Co-working spaces

Shared Lobby

Flexible office areas

Raised Floors

Optimal air-condition system

Modern security systems

Fire-life safety

Electrical capacity back-up

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Space planning

3 office buildings

50.000 m2 of offices

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Reduced consumption of energy and electricity

Improved maintenance costs

Terraces, green roofs and walls, outdoor areas

Charging stations for electric cars & scooters to reduce carbon footprint of transport

Showers for cyclers

High level of comfort (thermal, acoustic, visual)

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First Office Building

A 9 storey office buildings with commercial spaces on the ground floor - 10.000 sqm of office spaces.

Second and Third Office Buildings

40.000 m2 of office spaces connected by spacious commercial ground floors